DIY Section

Guidelines and help to make it on your own


Everything we Learned in the last month's is gathered here. We only collected topics that have proven to be useful.


34, chief engineer


Everything about double Battery systems, solar, inverter and shore power.

Extra tank

Guideline to install an extra tank

Warm water

Our heat exchanger solution


Guideline to fit the Explore Gullwing Window

Scheelmann Seats

Guideline to fit the comfortable Traveller seats

Auxiliary Heating

Guideline to fit the Webasto Airtop 2000STC

Cruise Control

Fit the cruise control for the TD5

Service access

Install service access for the Diesel pump

LED lights

Install the TruckLite LED Headlights


Guideline to replace springs and dampers

Foldable Table

Selfmademade table for the Gullwing.


Install the Mantec Snorkel at your Defender

Useful Advice

Which tools do you need?

We started with a socket Driver Set with which we until now completed nearly all repairs at Harry. Some special Equipment is however useful e.g. 27 and 36 open-end wrench.

For Selfmademan stuff you will need a battery driller, jigsaw, disk saw,... so more or less a fully equiped tool shop. 

Is everyone able to do the electrics?

In principle I would say that you can do the 12V electrics on your own. But also beeing an mechanical Engineer I had my personal limits, especially if it comes to relay circuits. Most important is that you have a well electrical fuse protection installed, that in case anything happens keeps you safe.

Where do you buy spare parts?

That depends on the parts itself, but most of it we order online. For the Defender the companies located in England have proven themselfs to be a good source Paddock and Island 4x4 .

Is it useful to have a solar panel on the roof?

That depends on your application and your thirst for energy.

 For us the solar panel on the roof has limited value because in combination with the 100W mobile solar panel, 100Ah LiFePo4 and the charging booster we already have a sufficient setup for our energy consumption.

How do you generate warm water?

Our hot water is generated by a heat exchanger, which is incorporated in the defender's heating circuit on a countercurrent principle. That means warm water is only available when the engine is warm.

Unfortunately, the water coming out of the heat exchanger is just under 70 ° C / 158° F, which means either pumping water in the circuit until you have reached the desired temperature in the water tank or installing an additional thermostat.

How do you shower while traveling ?

We have a luxurious outdoor shower consisting of a pressure water pump, a heat exchanger with thermostat and an extra shower tent. More on this also in the area of hot water.

The system consists of Gardena connections, a Gardena shower as well as food-safe and temperature-resistant EPDM hoses. You can get the hoses here: SchlauchProfi

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