All about

Shipping - South America

  • Costs

    € 3000

  • Shipment type

    RoRo = Roll On Roll Off

  • Rout

    Hamburg - Montevideo

  • Agent

    Caravan Shippers

  • Duration

    32 days


We have given a lot of thought to the type of shipping. In principle, there are two options to choose from, container or RoRo shipping.

Pros and Cons Container

Shipping in the container is the safest way to protect yourself from theft and damage in transit, unfortunately it is also almost 40% more expensive. If you want maximum security for the content and the attachments in the car, you should choose this.


  • Vehicle is protected from unauthorized access
  • In the destination port, the container is only opened in the presence of the owner
  • Car keys remain with you


  • 40% higher price for a 20 foot container (6m)
  • Entry height limited to 2.26m
  • High cost of container pick-up is around US $ 1800
  • Only possible with agents
  • Tent must be removed
  • Boxes cannot remain on the roof
  • Containers that go overboard due to swell are very expensive to salvage

Pros and Cons Roro

Due to the lower price and the possibility to insure the vehicle content, we decided on the RoRo variant. We hand Harry over to Mr. Hansen from the Caravan Shippers in Hamburg at the port and he then sets off in the belly of the ship on his journey to Montevideo.


  • Price-performance ratio
  • no agent necessary
  • Pick up in Montevideo with the help of instructions
  • Content can be insured (€ 500 deductible)
  • Different categories can be booked based on the height of the vehicle (comparable to the Mediterranean ferries)


  • Vehicle key must be handed in
  • no access control to the vehicle
  • not an expensive agent who organizes everything

We will tell you whether everything worked out as soon as we picked Harry up in Montevideo.

Priscila and Manuel

How did you choose your agent?

In principle there are 3 providers that offer shipping from Germany, CaravanShipper, Seabridge and Mafratours. We are not 100% sure, but the same provider seems to be behind Seabridge and Mafratours.

The offers from these providers have resulted in slightly higher prices and lower benefits than with caravan shippers, especially the insurance benefits that only involve additional costs. In addition, the pricing of both providers was opaque and a price is only finally set after the ship has left.

Not so with Caravan Shippers, here there was a fixed price based on the vehicle as an offer including insurance for the content. The sum insured can also be increased against a corresponding surcharge; we have increased it to € 5000 for a surcharge of € 50. We had contact with Mr. Hansen who took a lot of time for us and the advice.



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