Land Rover


  • Budget incl. modifications

    € 25.000

  • Registration


  • Vintage


  • Weight incl. conversion

    2380 kg

  • Range

    > 1000 km

  • Special modifications

    Replacement of Suspension, Installation of stabilizers front and back, Wolf rims, Snorkle, solar System, LiFePo4 Battery, new rear windows, roof rack, rear ladder, LED Beams, new seats, extra tank  --> more about it DIY


  • Solar power


  • On-board battery

    100Ah LiFePo4, best decision ever!

  • daily consumption

    At the moment we consume around  10 to 15 Ah.

  • Solar charge controller

    Victron SmartSolar 100/20 MPPT with Bluetooth

  • 220V

    With the help of a sinus inverter from Ective we have an unbelievable 2600W continuous power available. This makes it easy to operate a mixer and other devices.


  • On your own or go out have dinner?

    Freshly prepared on daily base in most of the days.

  • Stove

    Coleman 2-flames dual fuel, Bright Spark Gas Stove

  • Refrigerator

    Engel MR-040F Compressor

  • Coffee enjoyment

    a classic espresso cooker

  • Cooking in the camper?

    We avoid that as much as possible. We actually always cook on the outside of the vehicle on our folding table, which is located just below our Gullwing. This keeps the steam outside the car. When it rains, we simply use our awning as a roof.


  • How do you take a shower?

    With our luxurious pressurized water shower in combination with a heat exchanger, always at the right temperature and with sufficient pressure. To protect against wind and prying eyes, we have a WolfWise shower tent.

  • How much water do you need?

    It depends on your own shower mood, you can do it with just under 2.5L or use just under 10L. Extensive showering is sometimes good :-)

  • Warm water?

    Take a look at our solution consisting of a plate heat exchanger and heating valve in the DIY section.

  • Do you have water in the car?

    Yes, we have installed a 22 L water tank under the fridge. We mainly use this water to clean dishes in the sink.

  • What does your system cost?

    In total, our shower cost us almost 400 euros.


  • Where do you sleep?

    We have two options for staying overnight. For extremely cold or particularly rainy nights, we sleep comfortably in the car. All other days we sleep in our comfortable popup roof manufactured by X-Vision.

  • Which roof tent do you have?

    At this point we decided to invest in a popup roof.

    Before we have had a roof tent made in Germany, the Nakatanenga Rooflodge2 Extended with floor tent. The advantage is that the ladder ensures a dry entry into the tent even when it rains.

    We can recommend this tent absolutely.

  • Why now a popup tent?

    After having listend to longterm traveller opinions for both popup and roof tent we decided to finally invest into the popup roof. For us the advantages are low fungus probability, long rain season in South America and the simple fact that you have an amazing plus in space incl. standing in the car.

  • Did you already have critical situations?

    So far we have never had a strange or dangerous situation when staying in or on the car. If there is a thunderstorm, you should sleep in the car if necessary.

  • Which popup do you have?

    We use the popup of X-Vision.


Here you will find workshop manuals and instructions for the TD5.

Workshop manual
The workshop manual for your TD5 can be downloaded here. For all who dare to lend a hand.
The list of service work to be carried out if you have oil in your blood.
The water manual to make your Defender fit for water crossings or to find leaks.
The electrical manual with the complete wiring for electronic worms and those who want to become one.
Schematic for your TD5. Extremely helpful when troubleshooting cable clutter.
Documentation of rust on the vehicle.

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